Chandler loves the Premier Pet Collection. He loves the Steak Bites the most because they make him feel full for hours. His mom, our brand ambassador Yasmena Ayala, allows Chandler to have the steak bites at least once a day. Yasmena recommends only providing the dog 3-4 pieces as not to overfeed your pet. The steak bits are fantastic for training purposes and using for rewards to commend good behavior. They taste like streak and will hold Chandler over until it’s time for a nutritious dinner. “It feels good to know Chandler is eating healthy hemp products and that I don’t have to worry I am feeding him artificial substances and fillers. He’s receiving healthy nutrients and they’re also having calming effects so he is benefitting from the products in a variety of ways. Yasmena also heavily relies on the Premier Pet Collection created by Hemp 777 for her baby Chandler. Chandler is a young German Shephard that suffers from intense anxiety and has difficulty being calm. “The Bacon Product are Chandler’s favorite as he has them as a snack while I sip my Hemp 777 tea and we both enjoy our special treat for the day while finding our calm. It’s a win-win.”